This year's haskap berry crop is looking good!

This year's haskap berry crop is looking good!

Fresh haskap berries

This has been a perfect year for growing Haskap berries (knock on wood). The weather has provided rain when it was dry and as the berry bushes grew they put on two feet of new shoots. Perfect temperature and moisture.

haskap berry netting

We have just finished putting up our netting over the entire field. Just in time to keep the birds out as the berries have quickly developed. The reason for the netting is of course to keep out the birds which allows us to leave the berries on the bushes for as long as possible. We try to maximize the flavor of the fruit by measuring the Brix (amount of sugar). We will wait for the Brix level to reach 17-18 before we harvest. This ensures the quality of the fruit is at its peak in developing the sweetness and also to get the most nutrition.

The early variety Indigo Gem will be approaching our target Brix by this weekend. A little earlier than we originally predicted

Haskap berries on the bush

We hope to have a crew ready to pick on this Friday. 

We are expecting to have our new fresh Organic Haskap berries for sale at the Kelowna Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market from 8AM on Saturday June 10, 2023.

The market is at the corner of Springfield and Dilworth Dr across from Orchard Park in Kelowna.

 organic haskap berries in container

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